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"Imago Fest" by Grosso Modo Artists Collective

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Peinture à l’huile sur toile, tissus, cotton

dimension variable

Imago Fest marks the celebration of the first year ending of activities of Grosso Modo Artists Collective, which hosted solo exhibitions, international projects and artists residencies.

The festive event will include a video art program, an artist's book /small print fair, a site specific installation, a presentation Alex Ben-Ari's new book and a lecture by Dr. Eyal Gruss about text and technology.

Book & print fair participant artists:
Ayal Taib / Danny Schneor / Hadar Reuven / Vered Navon / Vera Bello / Yuval Hai / Yael Shakhnai / Lihi Binyamin / Michal Greenboim / Michal Shanny / Meytar Moran / Nino Herman / Robert (Rami) Yerushalmi / Ronnie Karfiol / Sarit Kohav Haviv / Tzvi Ben Aretz

Video program participant artists:
Aleksei Martyniuk / Bill Psarras / Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo / Damian Anache / Elaine Crowe / Eugenia Grammenou / Jean-Michel Rolland / Joanna Maxellon / Sonya Umanski / Johannes Christopher Gerard / Marta Ciołkowska / Laura Hyunjhee Kim & Chris Corrente / Łukasz Horbów / Sandrine Deumier / Sohyun Lee / Stathis Roukas / Tania Isabel Rodríguez Carvallo / Volodymyr Serhachov / Danielle Alhassid / Nitzan Satt / Ron Guetta / Shahar Tishler / Shiry Lee Price / Meytar Moran

Liliana Orbach & Gil Zablodovsky - Video program Curators

Installation on view during the festival / Alex Ben- Ari

Lecture / Ilu Ilutz Iltzani
Dr. Eyal Gruss
In a combined performance lecture, Eyal will present innovations in Hebrew cursive writing, performing some of his works and talking about the creative process. Link to the meeting:

Dr. Eyal Gross is a code/media/text artist, algorithm researcher and computational creativity teacher.

Alex Ben-Ari / Poetry meeting around his new book "TZI"
A conversation about love, loneliness, distance, longing and the wonders of the simple and mysterious raw material called words."TZI" is Alex Ben-Ari's sixth book of poems, and the first in a decade and a half in which he returns to lyric poetry.

1ère CONTACTAllô Tania
00:00 / 00:36
2ème CONTACTAllô Tania
00:00 / 00:45
3ème CONTACTAllô Tania
00:00 / 00:45
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